Bienvenue dans la classe de français!

Bienvenue à LHS French Devoirs.

This is a wikispace for special projects and assignments and flipped classroom learning for the LHS French classes.

À Vos Marques, Prêts, Partez

Le voyage de l'Hermione

Here is a poster for your classroom

Instructions: students can write their goal for the year, cut and glue their boat on the line: how far do they think they will go?
Color the boat: crayon therapy ;)
QR code and questions

Assignments-Find your assignments on your class page. If your are a MYP, IB Diploma, you will refer to your class page, unless otherwise indicated by Mr. Garcia

French IV/V Period 1
French II Period 2
French III Period 3
French I Period 4
French II Period 7
French III Period 8

Additional listening activities

C'est a toi - Saison 2!!!

Here is a website where French teachers create comprehension quizzes to go along with videos and then share them with other French teachers:

New Resources from The French Corner
The French Corner
Blogs, Newspapers, and Online Magazines:

  • La Griffe de l'info - An online newspaper for kids.
  • 1jour1actu - A great online newspaper with articles written at varying reading levels.
  • Le Journal des Enfants - Another great online newspaper for students
  • Audio Lingua - This is a great site with audio clips of native speakers talking about their lives. They are even organized by level.
  • Géo Ado - Another great magazine
  • Wapiti - A magazine about nature
  • Le Blog de Julie - A magazine for girls 9-16, but much of the content is appropriate for either gender.
  • Mon petit hebdo - An online newspaper featuring short articles written by students.! Topics If you aren't familiar,! is a site that allows users to curate their own content from multiple sources.

Pinterest Boards

Practice games and testing sites
  1. TV5-Parlons Français-4 niveaux
  2. Practice games

  1. La fourchette



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