Wednesday December 11th

Monday December 9th
-Passé composé (être as helping verb)

Thursday December 5th
Passé composé (verbes irrégulier)
IPAD activities

Tuesday December 3rd
-Written assessment: ma famille
-passé composé (helping verb/past participle)

Wednesday November 20th
Oral presentation

Monday November 18th
Quiz Special Question Words

Thursday November 14th
Quiz Vocabulary (family+pet)

Tuesday November 12th
-La famille française: practice présentation
-review special question words (qui, quand, avec qui, avec quoi, comment, combien, où...): worksheet

Friday November 8th
-special questions words
-yes/no questions
-fr II questions review.pptx

Wednesday November 6th
-La famille française: présentation (birthdate, where you are from, where you live, nationality)

Monday November 4th
-La famille vocabulary: animals
-La famille française: presentation (name, age, relationship)
-Aurélie, Leïla, Julien ep.4

Thursday October 31st
-On va lire les pages culturelles: Finished in class and collected (talk to Mr. Garcia if you weren't present)
-La famille vocabulaire: review
-La famille project: cut out magazines
Fr. 2 la famille cut out.doc

-Cultural Quiz: copies are in the propel lab if you were absent
-Holiday Flyer: collected

Tuesday October 29th
-On va lire les pages culturelles: page 2
-Mardi Gras Interpretive Reading: collected
Fr. 2 reading MARDI GRAS.docx

-Holiday Flyer

Friday October 23rd
-On va lire les pages culturelles: page 1
-Les fêtes francophones

-Bonhomme Carnaval Interpretive Reading
Fr. 2 read Le Bonhomme Carnaval.docx