Wednesday May 14th

Thursday April 24th
-District assessment
-Fashion Project

Tuesday April 22nd
-Vocab quiz
-Describe clothes

Wednesday April 16th and Friday April 18th
-Finish Book research Unit 7

-Finish WS Unit 7- practice

Monday April 14th
-Vocab clothes
-internet activity
-------Spring Break-----------------------
Friday March 28th
-Internet activity: French I>French devoirs 2013-2014> Unité 7

Wednesday March 26th
-Interpersonal assessment

Monday March 24th
-Weather report assessment: Call Mr Garcia's voice mail and read your weather report. Don't forget to state your name and class! (970)-541-0867

Thursday March 20th
-Joe le Taxi

-City directions quiz (with notes)

Tuesday March 18th
-practice Listening activity
-practice interpersonal assessment

----------------TCAP Week-----------------------
Tuesday March 9th
-Weather forecast project

-Listening activity Unit 6: click on Level 1, Unit 6, listening activity. Download and print the pdf for the questions and listen to the activities.

Friday February 28th
-map of France quiz

Wednesday February 26th
-Going Future: explanation: aller+infinitive
-directions quiz

Monday February 24th
-review vocab buildings, directions

Thursday February 20th

Tuesday February 18th

Thursday February 13th
-Presentational assessments: reading and/or writing

Tuesday February 11th
-Presentational assessments: reading and/or writing

Friday February 7th
-Unit 5 test

Wednesday February 5th
-Presentational writing practice

Monday February 3rd
-la famille listening activity
-body parts

Thursday January 30th
-possessive adjective: mon-ma-mes/ton-ta-tes/son-sa-ses/vos-votre/nos-notre/leur-leurs
-ma famille worksheet

-la famille sénégalaise worksheet

Tuesday January 28th

Friday January 24th

Wednesday January 22nd
-presentational writing assessment

Friday January 17th
-interpersonal assessment

Wednesday January 15th
-additional listening activity
-lab activity

Monday January 13th
-interpersonal practice
-presentational assessment practice: write your own paragraph

Tuesday January 7th
-culture: la galette des rois (king's cake)
-verbs commencer (to start)/ finir (to finish)
-practice sentences writing for presentational writing assessment
-practice sentences speaking for interpersonal assessment