Thursday December 12th

Friday December 6th
-Design a Menu assessment
-Interpersonal Speaking assessment

Wednesday December 4th
-L'école (school)

Monday December 2nd
-Presentational Writing assessment
-post test

Thursday November 21st
-Vocab quiz
-Interpersonal Practice

-Presentational Writing Practice

-Presentational Writing Model

Tuesday November 19th
-Number 10-100 quiz
-Interpersonal Practice
-verbe aller (to go)

Friday November 15th
-Unit 3 book research
-Interpersonal Practice

Wednesday November 13th
- Sport and Leisure Test:review present tenses (i dance, i do dance, i'm dancing), questions (petit bébé, est-ce que, flip and dash, n'est-ce pas), ER verbs, negation (ne..pas sandwich)

Monday November 11th
-book research
-telling time
-number 10-100
-interpretive assessment

Thursday November 7th
-Food vocab: review
-number 10-100: review
-telling time

Tuesday November 5th
-Unit 3 Pre-test part II
-Presentational Assessment: write 50-75 words about what you like (no notes)
-Homework: Last day worksheets will be collected (128pts verbs - questions 4 ways)

Friday November 1st
-3 dollars for pastries: first day of collect
-Unit 3 pre-test part I
-Je suis une pizza video
-Pizza project
fr. 1 unit 3 je suis une pizza song .doc
-Number 30-100
-Week/month vocabulary

Wednesday October 30th
-Homework: 128 pts Verbs/questions 4 ways
-Complex sentences: writing/oral practice
-Writing a paragraph: practice
-Food vocabulary
Fr. 1 café flashcards.pdf

Monday October 28th
-Additional Listening Activity 2 Assessment
-complex sentences: writing practice
-Writing a paragraph: translate and write your own