Tuesday May 13th

Friday May 10th

Tuesday May 7th

Friday May 3rd

-Going Future and Reflexive verbs: je vais me laver
-My daily life project (due date: Tuesday May 13th)

Wednesday May 1st

-Add. Listening activity Level 2 Unit 4 quiz
-Compare French/US daily life

Monday April 29th
-District assessment

Wednesday April 23rd
-District assessment practice

Monday April 21st
-Quiz reflexive verbs/daily routines chores vocab
-Aurélie,Leila, Julien video 11

Thursday April 17th
-Kids and bedroom

Tuesday April 15th
-Reflexive verbs
-Reflexive pronouns (je me/tu te/il se/nous nous/vous vous/ils se)

Friday April 11th
-Reflexive verbs

Wednesday April 9th
-Daily routines/chores vocab

Monday April 7th
-Menu+essay due

-Julien, Aurélie, Leïla video 10

Thursday March 27th
-Internet activity (French II >2013-2014>Unit 5> les restaurants)

Tuesday March 25th
-Guide Michelin Worksheet

-design your own menu
-write a persuasive essay practice

Friday March 21st
-interpersonal assessment (market)

Wednesday March 19th
-Presentational assessment

Monday March 17th
Food tasting

Tuesday March 11th
-interpersonal practice

Wednesday March 5th
-interpersonal practice

Monday March 3rd
-restaurant vocab
-Interpersonal practice

Thursday February 27th
-partitif ce, cette, cet (this), ces (these), celui-ci/celui-là (this one/that one)
-interpersonal practice
-quiz meat, fish, desert and quantities

Tuesday February 25th
-interpersonal practice
-France championne du monde de patisserie worksheet

Friday February 21st
-faire les courses Worksheet
-Aurélie, Leila, Julien video 9
-quiz fruits and vegetables

Wednesday February 19th
-vocab food review
-interpersonal dialogue practice

Friday February 14th
-vocab food review
-interpersonal dialogue practice

-Champs Elysées quiz

Wednesday February 12th
-Lab research
Fr. II-On va faire des courses Wikispace-la nourriture.docx

Monday February 10th
-Vocabulary sheet
Fr. 2 bon appétit Le vocabulaire-nourriture shopping for food.docx
Thursday February 6th
-Map quiz
-Les champs Elysées song
Fr. 2 Les Champs-Elysées worksheet.docx
Tuesday February 4th
-map quiz
-lab research

Friday January 31st
-additional listening activity: you can practice there. Click on level 2, then unité 3 - La France. You can look at the question and practice with the pdf file and listen to all the different activities.

Monday January 27th
-Voyage en France Ppt

Thursday January 23rd
-French map
-Aurélie, Leila, julien video

Thursday January 16th
-postcard assessment

Tuesday January 14th
-art critic assessment
-Pablo Picasso Worksheet

Friday January 10th
-plus.... que: more.... than
-moins.... que: less... than
-aussi que:
-le plus: the most
-le moins: the least

Wednesday January 8th
-Lab activities

Monday January 6th
-Tableaux worksheet: look at the different period, artists, paintings
-art adjectives